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Storm Damage Testimonials

I got the keys to my new house, and walked into two rooms almost completely flooded. My realtor recommended Mark. As soon as he answered the phone, I couldn't even speak because I was just so overcome with tears. Mark told me he'd wait until I could collect myself, and he didn't rush me. He sent Jason and someone else (didn't catch his name) that day, and they both came by every day to check on the walls, floor, and cabinets. I was so impressed with their care and professionalism.

Worked with Mark Lowry on a water claim after a storm blew out my window and heavy rain damaged my office. Mark and his team came out immediately and covered the opening, set up the dehumidifiers and cleaned up the mess. They worked into the night and made a real bad situation tolerable. Without Mark's hard work things would have been really bad. Thank you for a great job Mark and SERVPRO!

Great Crew! Great Job!
Excellent Company!
Thanks for the hard work!

We appreciate your prompt attention. So nice to meet you.

Quick response was appreciated!

I love the fact they came out so late!